Yoga classes to help you feel better.  Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. 

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed?

Each of these yoga classes is tailored to allow you to slow down in order to heal. 

Feeling a little blah, a bit disconnected, or like you’re not “enough”?

Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga classes find the balance between flowing slowly enough to give your mind space to quiet down and working hard enough to challenge your body to help you feel better.

Nothing really  “wrong” in your life but you find yourself wondering if there is more to it anyway?

Gratitude is emphasized in each class to remind you who you authentically are and what you truly value.

Busy? Looking for yoga classes to fit your schedule?

The Live Membership contains replays of all the previous classes. They are available 24 hours a day to honor your time so you can feel better whenever your schedule allows.

We all come to yoga for our own individual reasons, but we all come back for the same one: to feel better.

Stacey’s emphasis on gratitude is contagious! As she says, I’ve never stepped off my mat without feeling better than when I started. I could listen to her voice all day. –Amy L.

* * * * *

I love that even (when) I’m away on vacation I still get to keep up with my yoga practice! With the three live classes on Zoom every week and EVERY class archived and available any time, I can feel better anytime, anywhere! –Amy P.

As someone who has practiced yoga for many years, I could not imagine practicing via zoom. Yet I found that wearing wireless headphones pulls me into the full yoga experience and I can always easily hear Stacey’s guidance. Even better, the flexibility of attending a live class regardless of the weather and the ability to quickly jump off at the end of class to attend a virtual work meeting has allowed me to increase my yoga practice to three times per week without significantly impacting my schedule.  –Kristin F.

You’ll feel better physically as you gain strength and mobility. You’ll feel better mentally by focusing on yourself in the present moment.

You want to feel better so don’t miss out.

Current Live Membership Classes schedule:

Monday 7:00 p.m. US Central  

9:30 a.m. US Central

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Saturday 9:30 a.m. US Central  

Are you ready to feel better?

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