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Celebrate My Birthday with a Special Gift for You!

Guess what? It’s almost my birthday, and this year, I’m wishing for something a little different – I want to help you feel better! (And read on for a special gift for you.)


To mark another trip around the sun, I would be absolutely thrilled if you could join our membership this week. Skip the gifts and well wishes; what I truly desire is to share the incredible gift of feeling better with you.

My passion lies in teaching a fantastic yoga class where you always leave with a sense of well-being. And for my birthday, I want to extend that joy to as many people as possible.


So, instead of bringing me a gift, let me share my gift with you. Join the membership today, and as a token of my appreciation, I’ll send you some exclusive SSY swag.


And as an extra treat: If your friend decides to join too, you’ll get two more gifts: a complimentary 1:1 online yoga session with me and an entire month free in the membership. 🎁


Ready to make this birthday wish come true? Join today and bring a friend!