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Yoga for High Achievers

Raise your hand if you’re a high achiever. Or if you’re constantly making (and checking off) To Do lists. Or if you’ve ever called yourself a perfectionist. Or you stay up late doing “just one more thing.” Or you are afraid of disappointing people so you over-volunteer. If so, I’ve got the perfect thing for …

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January 2022 Yoga Calendar

Here’s your January 2020 yoga calendar to kick off your yoga journey to feel better in the new year. The more often you practice, the quicker you start to notice your results. You’ll get stronger both mentally and physically. You’ll build self-confidence both on and off your mat. And you’ll find peace in the present …

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September is National Yoga Month

Did you know that September is National Yoga Month? In 2008 (one year after I started teaching) the National Institutes of Health designated September as National Yoga Month as a way to bring awareness to the mental and physical benefits that yoga provides. And I’m here to celebrate and I want you to celebrate with …

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Wake Up Gratitude to Feel Better

Gratitude changes you. Seriously! Gratitude changes the way you think, your outlook on life, and how you approach difficult situations. Gratitude helps you feel better, but how? What we put our attention on grows. If we always look for problems and focus on the negative, the neural pathways for negative thinking become stronger. Practicing gratitude, …

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Yoga to Conquer Self-Doubt

Have you ever walked into a room, and thought, “What was I thinking? I can’t do this!” or “There must be a mistake, I’m not qualified,” or even as simple as “What am I doing here?!?” You’re not alone! We’ve all experienced those moments of self-doubt and feelings of Imposter Syndrome! There are ways to …

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