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Give Yourself the Gift

Give yourself exactly what you want this holiday season: peace and wellness! Did you know that 64% of people are planning to buy themselves a holiday present this year? If you’re one of them, give yourself something that lasts. 🎁 Give Yourself the Best Gift Give yourself the gift of serenity with the Stacey Stufflebeam …

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Take time for yourself in December

Take time for yourself in December so you can feel better. This time of year can be quite a whirlwind with the holiday rush, gatherings, and all the hustle and bustle. It’s a time when stress levels can skyrocket, and finding moments of calm becomes essential. Yoga offers this wonderful sanctuary amidst the chaos. It’s …

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December 2023 Yoga Calendar

Happy December! This month’s new calendar is here to help you create ease and find peace throughout the last month of 2023. You can access the December 2023 Yoga Calendar right here or at the bottom of the On-Demand library. December Intention This month, our intention is “There is peace in this moment.” This calming …

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Get Inspired With Yoga

How do you get inspired? I was talking to an artist friend yesterday who was excited to get back into her studio because she had just gotten some new supplies to try out some new mediums. We talked about how exciting it is to mix things up. I got to do just that last month …

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August 2023 Yoga Calendar

Your August 2023 Yoga Calendar is here! Happy August! Your August calendar of suggested classes has arrived. It’s designed around our new intention (All is well right here right now) to help you remember, even during this busy month, that in the present moment, you are doing well. When you remind yourself that you always feel …

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Dream Bigger Yoga Retreat

Imagine spending 6 days on a yoga retreat totally focusing on you. Your needs. Your well-being. Your dreams. Imagine returning home to your loved ones feeling rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Now take a deep breath and smile because your chance is here! The Dream Bigger Yoga Retreat Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga is going on our first …

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