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Meet the Members: Say hi to Yolanda

Meet the Members: Say hi to Yolanda! To strengthen our yoga community, I check in with one of your fellow members once a month so you can get to know each other better. This month, This month I talked with Yolanda! I love how she always finds time for her practice. I know I’ll see …

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Why Yoga Matters in the Spring: Part 2 🌱

Last week, we discussed how Spring = Renewal and Rejuvenation. Like Spring’s new beginnings and fresh starts, yoga also helps renew your mind so you can release stagnant energy and make room for new growth. Spring Growth With spring blooming around us, I wanted to continue that chat about how yoga is connected to this …

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March 2024 Yoga Calendar

March has arrived, and with it comes the promise of renewal and growth. For many, it’s a month marked by the changing seasons and the blossoming of new beginnings. Personally, it holds an even more special significance as it’s my birthday month. This March, your suggested class calendar is all about self-growth and I’ve also …

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February 2024 Yoga Calendar

Your February 2024 Yoga Calendar is here! Happy February! Your February yoga calendar is here, and you’re going to love the new monthly theme! Breathe in love. Breathe out love. I am love. And to celebrate, throughout the month you’ll practice all the most loved classes in the membership. When you allow yourself to pause …

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January 2024 Yoga Calendar

Happy New Year! Your January yoga calendar is here, and I love the new monthly theme! What I do today has the potential to improve all of my tomorrows. Throughout the month you’ll practice classes designed to help you dream bigger every time you show up. (It’s the perfect transition into our first Caribbean retreat, …

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