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Meet the Members: Say hi to Yolanda

Meet the Members: Say hi to Yolanda! To strengthen our yoga community, I check in with one of your fellow members once a month so you can get to know each other better. This month, This month I talked with Yolanda! I love how she always finds time for her practice. I know I’ll see …

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Reclaim Your Goals

Wow! July is flying by, which naturally brings me to this thought: We’re over halfway through this year! How amazing is that?? Ready to reclaim your goals? Because being halfway through the year makes this the perfect time to think about your beginning of the year goals! 🌟 If you set any New Year’s resolutions …

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February 2024 Yoga Calendar

Your February 2024 Yoga Calendar is here! Happy February! Your February yoga calendar is here, and you’re going to love the new monthly theme! Breathe in love. Breathe out love. I am love. And to celebrate, throughout the month you’ll practice all the most loved classes in the membership. When you allow yourself to pause …

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January 2024 Yoga Calendar

Happy New Year! Your January yoga calendar is here, and I love the new monthly theme! What I do today has the potential to improve all of my tomorrows. Throughout the month you’ll practice classes designed to help you dream bigger every time you show up. (It’s the perfect transition into our first Caribbean retreat, …

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Yoga During the Week Between

Yoga’s Benefits During the Week Between Christmas and the New Year As we find ourselves in the lull between the festivities of Hanukkah and Christmas and the excitement of New Year’s, I wanted to chat briefly about the incredible benefits of incorporating yoga into this unique week. This time can often feel like a bit …

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Give Yourself the Gift

Give yourself exactly what you want this holiday season: peace and wellness! Did you know that 64% of people are planning to buy themselves a holiday present this year? If you’re one of them, give yourself something that lasts. 🎁 Give Yourself the Best Gift Give yourself the gift of serenity with the Stacey Stufflebeam …

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