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From Loft Celebration to Retreat Bliss

Last weekend, I hosted my first Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga in-person event, the Loft Yoga Celebration, and the energy in the space was truly uplifting. I am thankful for each of you who were able to come and all who sent well wishes as we said goodbye to the space where it all began!

It was heartwarming to see so many of you fully immersed in your practice and embracing the sense of community that defines our yoga family. It was truly special for me!


Speaking of special, let’s talk about our upcoming retreat in Bonaire. The Loft Yoga Celebration was the first time many of the people who went on our last retreat saw each other in person, and the camaraderie that we all now share was undeniable. So much so that someone at the loft celebration wasted no time and enthusiastically signed up for our next retreat!  

Find Your Bliss

And I want to invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Picture yourself surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, immersing yourself in daily yoga and meditation sessions, and reconnecting with your inner bliss. It’s like the most rejuvenating vacation where you don’t have to plan a thing!


For our journal/contemplation prompt this week, let’s play on our April intention of I am clever, courageous, and caring by answering this:

How would I feel if I figured out how to do something incredible (like attending next year’s Find Your Bliss retreat) just for myself?


If you’re not a member, sign-up for the retreat begins next Sunday. However, our members have first dibs and are already booking their preferred rooms—in fact, 3 rooms are already filled! But if you join the membership, you can secure your spot in paradise and have your pick of accommodations today!


Not only will you guarantee yourself a prime spot at our upcoming retreat, but you’ll also unlock a host of other benefits, including exclusive discounts on future events and private classes and access to members-only classes so you can feel better on-demand.


So why wait? Join our yoga community today and start reaping the rewards of membership.


I can’t wait to welcome you into our community. Here’s to finding your bliss in the membership, in Bonaire, and beyond!


P.S. Members can ensure they get the room of their choice at next February’s blissful retreat.