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May 2024 Yoga Calendar

Your May Suggested Yoga Calendar is HERE! This month, it’s filled with classes designed to help you feel more peaceful!

Wow! Is it already almost May?!? With getting the new house ready and planning the Loft event, this month has been on my radar for months, but it still doesn’t seem like it should be here already! So, our May intention couldn’t have come at a better time: I choose to be calm and at peace.

This month’s suggested class calendar includes a curated mix of classes that will help you embody these qualities. There’s something for you all month long.

As always, we’re kicking things off with a Live Guided Meditation on the first of the month to set the tone for the month ahead. And if you can’t make it, no sweat—it’ll be waiting for you in the library. And we’re saving our restorative yin class until the last week of the month – on Sunday the 26th.

Throughout May, let’s challenge ourselves to pause and notice what’s happening within us and around us. Let’s literally create moments of peace by stopping to smell the spring flowers.

Oh, and here’s a little bonus: this week, you have exclusive access to sign up for the Find Your Bliss in Bonaire yoga retreat. Starting Sunday, it opens to the general public. Plus, three rooms are already booked. Don’t miss your chance to claim your spot at the next retreat.

So, let’s make May a month of deliberate choices. Each class is an opportunity to pause and enjoy the moment.

Here’s to a month filled with peace!

Catch you on the mat!

Peace and love,