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Meet The Members: Say hi to Bev!

To strengthen our yoga community, once a month we’ll feature one of your fellow members. This month I talked with Bev, a founding member!

☀️ In a few words, tell me who you are:

Nature lover trying to live in two places at once.

☀️ What is your favorite SSY yoga class?

My favorite SSY class is any of them filmed on the beach. I am more at home in the mountains than at the beach, but there’s something mesmerizing and calming in the ocean waves.

☀️ What is your favorite SSY meditation?

My favorite SSY meditation is “Releasing Burdens.“ It has helped me feel better by letting go of emotions that weigh me down.

☀️ What do you love about the membership/being a member?

I love the flexibility of the membership. I often miss live classes with my unpredictable schedule, so the on-demand feature is wonderful.

☀️ Why did you join the membership?

Like everyone else, COVID disrupted my fitness routine. Before COVID I was at the YMCA 5 days a week and had a robust fitness routine. Stacey’s yoga class was one of my favorites. (I really missed Stacey the year she lived on a boat.) I was super excited when Stacey started SSY, my favorite instructor/mentor/friend online whenever I need her! And I wanted to support a small business startup and be a part of something bigger than myself.

☀️ How has your yoga practice helped you in your life off the mat?

SSY has helped me deal with the stressors of life by realizing that when I can’t change my circumstances, I can change my reaction. I can hear Stacey’s calming voice reminding me to pay attention to my breath…let go…I can do hard things… I am enough

☀️ How has your yoga practice evolved in the membership?

When I first began practicing yoga, I was more focused on the physical aspects of flexibility and strength. While that is still a goal of mine, I am much more focused on mental and emotional wellbeing and the mind-body connection.

It has been so fun getting to know more about Bev and I’m sure you can relate to some of the reasons she’s a member here.


See you soon!


P.S. Use the On-Demand library and filter to find Bev’s favorite classes or use this month’s suggested class calendar, which you can find here or at the very bottom of the on-demand library.