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Meet The Members: Say hi to Sue!

To strengthen our yoga community, once a month, I catch up with another member so you can get to know each other better. Let’s meet the members now. This month, during her birthday month, I talked with Sue!

☀️ In a few words, tell me who you are.

Farm-Living, Yoga-Loving, Church-Going, Book-Reading, Hiking-Enthusiast

☀️ What is your favorite SSY yoga class?

Short One:  Quick Beach Wake Up

Although, I have a favorite class in the archive when I was the only one who showed up to class, and Stacey put in my favorite poses.

☀️ What is your favorite SSY meditation?

The Gratitude Meditation! It always surprises me who pops into my head, some people are constant and some who just bubble up and make me smile at their remembrance.

☀️ What do you love about the membership/being a member?

Taking Stacey wherever I go. With my membership, I can do yoga 24/7, I can even do it in my pajamas (though for your sakes not on camera), I can pick a class according to my needs or mood that day, and the fact that I am not spending time driving to and from class is a bonus, the money I save on gas and time probably equals the cost of membership, and I can just show up in the comfort of my home.  But the main reason is for Stacey’s teaching, coaching, guidance, and her calming voice.

☀️ How has your yoga practice helped you in your life off the mat?

I started yoga years ago for stress and coping with constant headaches.  Yoga helped with both, and no matter what the class offers, I always feel better; maybe tired, but better.

☀️ Why did you join the membership?

I jumped at the opportunity to join when Stacey first started this website.  I missed practicing during the lockdown and just wanted to take live classes with her again.

☀️ How has your yoga practice evolved in the membership?

Now, I try to include 1 class a day from the On Demand section. Since there are a variety of class time lengths, it makes practicing yoga possible every day. My goal again this year is to do all of the On Demand Classes at least once by the end of the year.


It has been so fun getting to know more about Sue, and I’m sure you can relate to some of the reasons she’s here.


When you’re ready to try out some of Sue’s favorite classes, you can use the search function in the On-Demand library.

And if you’re ready for some Live classes, get your link here.  We’ll see you there – even if you leave your camera off.

See you soon!


P.S. Find your favorite classes in the On-Demand library or filter to find Sue’s favorite yoga (Quick Beach Wake Up) and meditation (Gratitude Meditation) classes to see what you think of them.


Meet the Members is always one of my favorite times of the month!