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Get Inspired With Yoga

How do you get inspired?

I was talking to an artist friend yesterday who was excited to get back into her studio because she had just gotten some new supplies to try out some new mediums. We talked about how exciting it is to mix things up.

I got to do just that last month when I went out to Colorado. I got to hike, relax, and film some membership classes with a friend from my very first yoga teacher training! Like getting new art supplies, filming in new locations inspires my teaching creativity.

Get Creative

What about you? What inspires your creativity?

A theme I’ve noticed over the years is that we’re most creative when we get out of our own way!

We do this when we do things that get us out of our heads and back into the present moment or into our bodies – just like in our yoga practices.

And novelty helps! New art supplies. A new location. New class. That’s why you get a new class in the membership every week. That’s also why I’m hosting the Dream Bigger Yoga Retreat in the Caribbean this winter.

Get Inspired With Yoga in a New Location

In fact, every part of the retreat is designed to fuel your creativity so you can dream your biggest dreams so far and know how to take that first step toward them.


Let’s get creative through journaling. Use this idea:

The next time I’m feeling stuck, bored, or uninspired, what are 5 things I could try to get my creative juices going?

It’s okay if your first reaction is that you don’t know or that even if you had 5 ideas you don’t know if they would work. That’s normal. Just start writing and see what bubbles up. Plus, you won’t know until you try, and you might not even try unless you have a plan.

Practicing yoga and traveling (or planning my next trip) are on my list of 5. There’s something about noticing my breath and letting my body move to its rhythm that always helps me feel better. And when I do it in a novel way (a new class, facing the “wrong” way on my mat, or outside in an exotic location) it’s amplified.

Join The Retreat

There’s just one spot left at our February retreat in Bonaire. I guarantee if you take it, your creative juices will flow, and you’ll return home with a new confidence.

See you soon!


P.S. If you’ve been wondering if the Dream Bigger retreat is right for you, reach to me. I’d love to connect and see if you are the perfect fit for that last spot.