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November 2023 Yoga Calendar

Happy November! As we move into a new month, I’m excited about your November Yoga Class Calendar. You can access it right here or at the bottom of the On-Demand library. This month, our intention is “I can do hard things.” This powerful theme will help you embrace challenges, foster growth, and realize your inner strength as we move into the holiday season.

Each time you step onto your yoga mat, you’re reaffirming your ability to conquer life’s challenges with resilience.

Use the November Yoga Calendar

To keep your practice engaging, we’ve introduced a brand-new class every Friday to elevate your journey.

Here’s your November Yoga and Meditation Calendar. This calendar will guide you through the month, encouraging you to push your boundaries, find serenity in the present moment, and rise above every challenge with confidence.

Make Showing Up Easy

To ensure you never miss any of the Live classes, please remember to sign up for all our Live classes. Registering in advance will also ensure you receive the Zoom link one hour before each class begins. What a helpful reminder!

Additionally, I’m thrilled that you can now also access the calendar in the On-Demand section of the membership. This convenient feature allows you to practice on your own terms. This makes it easier to integrate yoga into your daily routine.

Browse the calendar to discover new classes that resonate with your personal growth journey this month. When you find a class you love, simply mark it as a favorite by clicking the star next to its name in the membership so it always appears at the top of the membership for you.

Embrace the theme of the month, “I can do hard things,” and let it be your guiding light on and off the mat.

Looking forward to practicing together soon!

If you’re not in the membership yet and you’ve read all the way to here, use this link to start your free 7-day trial today.


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