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New Year, New Outlook

A new year usually brings new year’s resolutions. And without proper planning, new year’s resolutions often bring about disappointment. This year let’s not set ourselves up for disappointment. Instead of thinking about a “new year, a new you,” this year let’s focus on a new year and a new outlook.

How can you change your outlook in order to feel better about your current self and get excited about your future self?

Here are a few tips:

1. It’s not about being perfect.

This year was tough for most of us so let’s just try to make 2021 better than 2020. The new year isn’t going to be perfect. It won’t be a newer, brighter version of some year we’ve lived before. We’re not going back to that. We’re moving forward – one (baby) step at a time.

Remember: the goal isn’t a new you. It’s a new outlook. Plus, do you really want to be “perfect” anyway? It seems a little boring and not very much fun.

2. Acknowledge your achievements.

You have to recognize your past achievements to remain motivated about what you want to come next. I’m a big believer in the idea that we can’t move forward without acknowledging the wins we’ve already achieved. To improve our outlook in 2021, let’s first think about 2020. What were some of your wins this year?

Did you exercise outside? Did you learn how to cook a new healthy meal? Did you save money? Did you spend time outside? Did you learn how to use a new form of technology?

Don’t discount any of these things. Learning something new is hard but you did it anyway. Take a moment to acknowledge that and to be proud of yourself.

Remember: the goal isn’t a new you. It’s a new outlook and you’ve done hard things before.

3. Set realistic goals.

I don’t mean that you should pick something easy. Pick something that you can stick with because you want to achieve it. Setting a goal to learn a new language every month isn’t realistic for most of us but using a language learning app for 10 minutes a week (or day) is achievable.

Remember: the goal isn’t a new you. It’s a new outlook!

4. Keep trying.

Keep going. If your resolution is to feel better, don’t give up just because you went to a party and had too much to eat or drink. Go to bed and when you wake up remind yourself why you made set the goal in the first place. Don’t give up. It’s like what I say when we’re in Tree Pose. If you fall out, just try again. No one is keeping score.

Remember: the goal isn’t a new you. It’s a new outlook and that might be a slow deliberate change. Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Like most years, the most common resolution for 2020 was to exercise more.

We all know that looked different this year but maybe you figured it out. What was your win in terms of movement and exercise?

Did you go for more walks in 2020 than you did in 2019? This was the year we seemed to do everything outside from eating at restaurants to going to exercise classes.

Did you take some time off from exercise but then start back up again? When the first lockdown started, I didn’t get on my mat for a few weeks. (I don’t recommend this!) But eventually, I returned to my practice and I feel better for it.

Did you figure out zoom and try a virtual group fitness class? I resisted. I thought there was no way it would compare to what I was used to doing. But eventually, I gave in, and I’m so glad I did!

No, it’s not the same but I was surprised by how similar it can be. You can still get that community and connection in Zoom yoga classes. For example, some students from my classes who have taken the same class together for years, never really talked to each other until this year. Weird but true.

Plus, doing yoga from home eliminates the rush of getting to the studio and claiming my favorite spot! That’s definitely a win for me!

Everything counts. And this is where I can help!

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I’m even offering a bonus to the Live Membership program. Each class will be recorded so you can retake a class you loved or even take one you missed. I’m here for you and I’m so excited.

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Phase Two is set to launch in the Spring of 2021. It will have two more membership options: an On-Demand only membership and an All-In option for both Live (and their replays) and On-Demand classes.

And remember: the goal isn’t a new you. It’s a new outlook!