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Meet The Member: Say Hi to Anne!

To strengthen our yoga community, once a month you’ll receive a Members Only email featuring one of your fellow members. This month I talked with Anne!

☀️ In a few words, tell me who you are:

I’m a wife, mother, dog and cat mom, and keeper of everyone’s calendars.

☀️ What is your favorite SSY yoga class?

That’s a hard one because I really enjoy them all! I try to make the Saturday morning Live class as much as my schedule allows.  For me it’s a great way to start my weekend and end a work week.

☀️ What do you love about the membership/being a member?

I love the ability to grab a class whenever.  I like that I can sort and find a class that fits my needs at that time.

☀️ Why did you join the membership?

I joined to increase my flexibility and balance. I feel better after a class and more focused for the day.

☀️ How has your yoga practice helped you in your life off the mat?

Yoga makes me a better person for myself as well as my family and in my career.

☀️ How has your yoga practice evolved in the membership?

I have had a couple knee injuries this year and I have not bounced back as quickly as I would like. The practice has strengthened my knees and has helped me get back to a new “normal”.

It has been so fun getting to know more about Anne (during her birthday month!) and I’m sure you can relate to some of the reasons she’s a member here.


See you soon!

P.S. Sign up for your next Live class (including one of Anne’s favorites: Saturday morning’s class) or use this month’s suggested class calendar, which you can find here or inside the on-demand library.