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September 2023 Yoga Calendar

Ready to embark on a month of mindful movement and self-discovery? Your September Yoga Calendar is here to guide you through an enriching journey of yoga and meditation.

This month’s calendar revolves around our fresh intention: I am worthy of good things. This theme is designed to help you embrace your self-worth and invite positivity into every moment of your practice.

Here’s what you can expect from this month’s calendar:

🌟 September Yoga and Meditation Calendar:

Get ready to embrace this new month with a lineup of classes designed to help you stay present and centered amidst life’s hustle and bustle. This month, we’re focusing on the intention: “I am worthy of good things.” Through each session, you’ll be reminded you truly are worthy.

🌟 Brand-New Classes Every Friday:

Kick off your weekends with a fresh perspective! We’re bringing you a brand-new class every Friday, ensuring that your practice remains vibrant and exciting.

🌟 Yin Bonus Class:

We’re back with another slow-moving yin class this month to help you stretch out, slow down, and feel better.

🌟Your Favorites and More:

Discover new favorites as you explore our diverse class offerings. Find one you love? Simply click the star next to the class name to mark it as a favorite in your membership to make it easy to revisit and flow through sessions that resonate with you.

Speaking of being worthy of good things

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Get ready to make September an unforgettable journey within.

Remember, the theme for the month is “I am worthy of good things,” and it’s all about embracing the present moment and cultivating your well-being because every time you roll out your mat, you’re acknowledging you are worthy of self-care and growth.

See you on the mat, friend! 🌿