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December 2023 Yoga Calendar

Happy December! This month’s new calendar is here to help you create ease and find peace throughout the last month of 2023. You can access the December 2023 Yoga Calendar right here or at the bottom of the On-Demand library.

December Intention

This month, our intention is “There is peace in this moment.” This calming theme will help you feel better throughout the rest of the holiday season.

Each time you step onto your yoga mat, you’re reaffirming your ability to find peace in the present moment.

December Calendar

Here’s your December Yoga and Meditation Calendar. This calendar will guide you through the month and help you find serenity in the present moment.

Please note that there are a couple of interruptions to the Live class schedule but luckily for you, Jill and Bethany are stepping in for most of my classes while I’m not available, and when not I’ve picked some great live class replays with this month’s intention for you.

The suggested class on Christmas Day is Yoga Nidra at the Beach so we can both enjoy the sounds of the beach that day.

To ensure you never miss any of the Live classes, please remember to sign up for all of them here. Registering in advance ensures you receive the Zoom link one hour before each class begins, serving as a helpful reminder.

Browse the calendar to discover new classes that resonate with your personal growth journey this month. When you find a class you love, simply mark it as a favorite by clicking the star next to its name in the membership so it always appears at the top of the membership for you.

Embrace the theme of the month, “There is peace in this moment,” and let it be your guiding light on and off the mat.

And don’t forget to show up for the suggested on-demand class on New Year’s Eve to release the stress that built up in your body this year and move into the new year much more peacefully.

Looking forward to practicing together soon!


P.S. Sign up here for Friday’s Monthly Live Guided Meditation.

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