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Meet The Members: Say Hi to Lindsay!

Because today is Small Business Saturday and I’m so thankful that you support mine, I’ve saved this month’s spotlight of one of your fellow members until today. This month I talked with long-time member, Lindsay!

☀️ In a few words, tell me who you are:

Introverted-extrovert pinball addict who loves fishing & riding the motorcycle.

☀️ What is your favorite SSY yoga class?

Twists to Conquer Self-Doubt.  I’m a good twister so it gives me confidence.

☀️ What is your favorite SSY meditation?

Yoga Nidra: I am Relaxed and Content. It helped me sleep when my husband was out of town for an extended period of time.

☀️ What do you love about being a member?

The flexibility and accessibility. My schedule is goofy, so I love the fact that I can do yoga at 11 p.m. if I want.

☀️ Why did you join the membership?

I dropped my Y membership when COVID messed up the world. Zoom/online classes weren’t for me, but it was the only way to keep practicing with Stacey. Since then, I have adapted. I joined because she is the best, and I need yoga in my life.

☀️ How has your yoga practice helped you in your life off the mat?

My mental state can be measured by how much I do yoga. If I’m not on my mat or don’t want to, I am not doing well mentally. This has been a major struggle for me for years, especially the last few. Yoga has made me more aware of myself both physically and mentally.

☀️ How has your yoga practice evolved in the membership?

I originally started to help with stress and do cool poses. Now that I have hit 40, my body isn’t what it used to be. Learning to listen to my body and what it needs is vital. Instead of picking a class for fun, it seems now that I pick a class to target a certain body part! Standing all day at work and having a phone to my ear for hours kinks up my neck/shoulders and back.

It has been so fun getting to know more about Lindsay (during her birthday month!) and I’m sure you can relate to some of the reasons she’s a member here.


See you soon!

P.S. Use the On-Demand library and filter to find Lindsay’s favorite classes or use this month’s suggested class calendar, which you can find here or at the very bottom of the on-demand library.