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Feeling the Time Change

Still feeling the time change?

I don’t know about you, but the time change last week threw my body and sleep schedule out of whack! Ugh. If you feel the same and it’s causing your health and wellness goals to get off track, now’s the perfect time to bounce back. ⁠

It’s time to spend time on YOU!⁠

We can’t change the time change, but you can start fresh today for a healthier, happier you.⁠

The Membership

Hop into the Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga online membership—it’s all about making self-care effortless. No need to commute, dress up, or even be able to touch your toes!⁠

You can even show up in your office if you have space.

Designed to boost your well-being every time you show up, it’s ultra-convenient too!⁠

⁠Let the Time Change change your outlook.

You can practice whenever it suits you—morning, lunch break, after work, or before bedtime. With hundreds of classes, you schedule it on your own time.⁠

No need for marathon sessions either! It takes just minutes to roll out your mat and hit play. Most on-demand classes are a mere 20 minutes, and the fan favorite is just 13 minutes long, so you can show up even when you’re short on time.

To get you thinking about it, let’s use this journaling prompt:

If you knew you’d feel better every time you rolled up your mat this week, how would you rearrange your schedule to ensure you got on your mat a few times?

⏰ It’s YOUR time!⁠

Dedicate 20 minutes to the membership a couple of times a week and feel the difference!⁠

Let’s do this! 💪🧘‍♀️


P.S. You can rearrange your schedule and get on your mat this week so you feel like time is on your side.