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January 2024 Yoga Calendar

Happy New Year! Your January yoga calendar is here, and I love the new monthly theme!

What I do today has the potential to improve all of my tomorrows.

Throughout the month you’ll practice classes designed to help you dream bigger every time you show up. (It’s the perfect transition into our first Caribbean retreat, too! Stay tuned for information on the next one if you missed out on this one!)

When you allow yourself to pause and notice the present moment during your yoga practice, it makes it easier to believe in yourself and keep working toward your life goals as well.

Make it easier

Since we’re deep into the shorter days that winter brings, your calendar is filled with classes filmed outside so the shining sun can help you feel better no matter what the weather is where you are practicing.

To make it easier to get on your mat this month, I’ve scheduled all your favorites for Fridays! This month Fridays are filled with member favorites.

Here’s your January Yoga and Meditation Calendar to help you trust yourself, find peace in the present moment, and dream bigger every time you show up.

January Yoga and Meditation Calendar (click here)

Sign up today for our two special monthly classes! Tomorrow morning we’re kicking off 2024 with a special meditation to inspire the year. Then on Sunday the 21st, Jill is teaching a deeply nourishing Yin Yoga class. As with all the Live classes, you can sign up now and get a reminder email one hour before class begins.

Use the calendar at the bottom of the On-Demand Library to take the work out of picking which class to practice as you flow through the new year. It’s designed to make it easier for you to show up so you can feel better whenever you need it.

No dream, goal, or aspiration is too big!

The more often you practice, the more you’ll notice you trust yourself more and it makes it easier to fully show up for the rest of your life too.

How often will you get on your mat in January?

Set an ambitious goal. Even if you don’t quite meet it, it will get you on your mat more often. And you’ll improve all of your tomorrows every time you do!

See you soon, friend.


Thanks for reading. I’m so glad you’re here.