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July 2023 Yoga Calendar

Happy (almost) July! Your July 2023 Yoga Calendar is here!

Did you know that July is my favorite month? Therefore, I’ve put extra love into your July yoga calendar. It’s designed around our new intention (I am proud of myself!) so you can feel delighted that you showed up for yourself during this busy month.

When you remind yourself that you always feel better when you’re rolling up your mat after class, it makes it easier to keep showing up for yourself both on and off your yoga mat.

Plus, you get a brand-new class every Friday to keep it fresh.

And this month, I’m committed to practicing each of the recommended classes on the calendar! Want to do it with me? Let me know if you do, and I’ll check back in with you throughout the month to see how you’re doing.

Here’s your July Yoga and Meditation Calendar to help you trust yourself, find peace in the present moment, and dream bigger every time you show up.

With a new month, comes our next Monthly Live Guided Meditation class. This month’s meditation will help you feel proud of yourself as you enter the second half of 2023.

Sign up for all the Live classes  (including our monthly meditation and bonus Yin class) and get them on your calendar today. When you register in advance, you get an email with the zoom link one hour before each class begins for an extra reminder.

Use the July 2023 yoga calendar to find your new favorite class as you flow through the month. And when you find one you love, click the star next to the name in the membership to mark it as a favorite so you can easily keep coming back to it.

Remember our theme throughout the month, friend! I am proud of myself.

See you soon!

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