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Be Proud of Yourself

We’re more than halfway through this month already, which I don’t know about you, but it is crazy to me! Have you paused to be proud of yourself yet?

This month I’m working my way through the July calendar so I’ve actually checked off every day on the calendar but it still seems like it can’t be almost August already. How about you? How’s this month feeling for you? Is it flying by, or does it feel like you’re slogging through an endlessly hot and humid month?

Yoga has this almost magical aspect to it where when you get into the flow of it, time simultaneously seems to slow down and fly by so whichever you need to lean into, it can help.

Have you gotten on your mat yet? If not, today’s a great day to start again! Yoga always helps you feel better.

Be Proud of Yourself

Let this month’s intention, inspire you because no matter what you’ve done up until today, you still have so much to be proud of yourself for.

Let’s use our intention to inspire this week’s journal prompt. And, no worries if you don’t journal, just give yourself time to contemplate this question:

What have I already done this month that makes me proud?

Want to really feel better? Think of something from each week if you can.

Don’t Fall Victim to Summer

Summer is notoriously the time of year we put our wellness at the bottom of the list so if you’re looking for a little extra accountability, join the membership today.

The people inside the membership are rocking it this month!

When you start, you’ll be delighted (and proud) you did because when we feel better, we’re more fun to be around and this membership is a step in that direction.

The Membership

Most of our membership classes are short enough to sneak in even on the busiest of days. Last week’s new class is only 20 minutes. You’re worth 20 minutes!

Happy rest of July and see you soon!