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July Yoga Calendar

Your July 2022 Yoga Calendar is here!

As we hit the halfway point of this year, let’s pause and be proud of how far we’ve come.

This month’s theme is “I am proud of myself.”

Each of our livestream classes this month will intentionally focus on being proud of yourself, your practice, your dreams, and your accomplishments. You’ll also notice the theme woven through your monthly suggested calendar of on-demand classes too.

As usual, we meditate on Mondays to give our bodies rest and kick off the workweek intentionally, but you’ll see on the calendar that this month we’re adding a Live Monthly Meditation too. Join me Friday, July 1 at 9:00 a.m. CDT for the first one.

Here’s your July 2022 Yoga Calendar.

You’ll be proud of yourself every time you complete a class from this month’s calendar! Use it to make it easier to feel better. It takes the work out of picking which class to practice and avoiding decision fatigue.

There are 8 new classes (5 from June and 3 that will drop throughout this month) on this one. And 7 classes were filmed in the tropics. Feel free to take your device outside for a more immersive (i.e. hot like the beach) experience.

With a consistent practice, you’ll get stronger and have a greater range of motion, but you’ll also trust yourself enough to move through self-doubt, you’ll build your self-confidence, and you’ll find peace in the present moment more often so you can dream big dreams and go after them.

In the past year, members have moved to different states, gone back to get their master’s degree, kicked cancer’s butt, changed careers, and retired early. What big dream do you want to build the confidence to move towards?

Let’s work on them together this month!

See you soon!