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It’s Time to Feel Better

Does it ever feel like everyone else has time to do the things that make them happier and feel better, but you never do? You’re constantly busy! Your schedule is full – but full of things for everyone else: finish the project, drive the carpool, schedule the appointments, do the volunteer work, bring the snacks… …

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Choose Calm. Choose Peace. Choose You.

Imagine what would happen if the first thing you said to yourself every morning for the next month was: I choose to be calm and at peace. If you intentionally lived from the thought, “I choose to be calm and at peace,” even if you don’t believe it yet, what would change in your life? …

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Free Earth Day Yoga Class

Earth Day + Yoga = Free Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga live-stream class Yoga and the well-being of our planet have always gone together. This relationship comes naturally because it’s where we live. It’s also where our favorite people and animals live. As you practice yoga, you become more aware of your union with things greater than …

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A Much Needed Mood Boost

Usually, these articles are about you, your goals, and tools to help you reach your goals but I feel like I need to get personal for a change. I’ve been struggling lately and, in case, you can relate I want you to know that you are not alone. Over the years February has gotten harder …

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The High Achiever Paradox

I had never heard the term “The High Achiever Paradox” before a couple weeks ago but you probably already know what it means.⁠ It’s the paradox that high achieving individuals feel stuck, unhappy, or unable to truly enjoy their successes. First, Who is a High Achiever? It’s probably you. You’ve done all the things: you …

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Focus Your Dreams, Goals, and Future

How do you want your future to look and feel? Take a moment to focus your awareness on how you want to feel. Want to feel calm and peaceful? How would it feel to step away from your To-Do list without feeling guilty or afraid of falling behind? You can but it will take some …

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