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New teacher, new weekly Live class!

Did you hear? The Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga membership now offers 4 live weekly classes in addition to the 70+ on-demand and 200+ archive classes.

Over the past year, I’ve spent 11 weeks away from my home studio and earlier this month, for the first time, the internet didn’t work where I was. I had to cancel 2 classes and find an alternative location for 2 others but for one class, I had an amazing guest teacher step in to teach.

Jill was so well received that I’m bringing her on as an additional teacher!

She’s been trained in the Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga method, so you’ll still find peace and feel better with each class like you’re used to but with Jill’s unique twist.

Mark your calendars! Starting Tuesday, August 23, Jill is teaching weekly live classes at 8:30 a.m. CT. She loves flowing to music so her classes will not be recorded or archived. The only way to get these nourishing classes is to show up online live!

I’m so excited to have Jill join our Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga community! I know you’re going to love her classes too.⁠

You can now take a weekly live class 4 times each week!

Take a moment to dream about this:

How would I feel if I doubled the amount of yoga I practice each week?

You already know that you feel better after you make time for yourself. What would happen if you did that more often? How would you feel?

Still stuck? Reach out to me. I’m here to help you make the membership your yoga home.

⁠You belong here!⁠

⁠⁠Don’t put off feeling better just because you have what feels like a million things to do. You’re resourceful. You didn’t get where you are today by making excuses and procrastinating.

You’re a high achiever so I know you can figure out how to make more time for yourself too. With no commute, 4 weekly live classes, and most on-demand classes under 30 minutes, you have time to release stress and feel calmer this week.

In fact, there are plenty of classes under 20 minutes that you could probably squeeze in right now! Not wearing yoga clothes? No problem, cue up a meditation.⁠

Not in the membership yet? Try my free Twists to Conquer Self-Doubt class.

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