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August Yoga Calendar

Your August 2022 Yoga Calendar is here!

As soon as you open it, you’ll notice our theme for the month.

All is well right here, right now.

Throughout the month you’ll practice classes designed to keep you in the present moment. Well, all but one. On the 22nd you meet your successful, content future-self in the Inner Mentor Meditation.

With the August theme, you will notice how life feels a little easier when you stay in the right here, right now. You get a chance to let go of the burdens from your past and your ambitions for tomorrow, so you find peace in the present moment.

Here’s your August Yoga Calendar to help you enjoy your life today as you prepare for your next big dream.

As usual, we meditate on Mondays to give our bodies rest and kick off the workweek (and school week) intentionally.

Need a little extra accountability this month? Show up for the live classes on the 1st for a quick meditation and every Thursday and Saturday for an hour of yoga. You don’t even have to turn on your camera!

Use this month’s calendar to make it easier to feel better.

Let it take the work out of picking which class to practice.

The more often you practice, the easier it gets to show up the next time, the quicker you will notice progress, and the easier it becomes to show up fully for the rest of your life too.

How often will you show up in August?

Set an ambitious goal. Even if you don’t quite meet it, it will get you on your mat more often. That’s a win every time!

How many classes do you want to practice this month?

  • If you came every Thursday, you’d get in 4 classes!
  • If you logged in more days than you didn’t, you squeeze in at least 16 classes!
  • What if you set a goal to practice all 31 days?

No matter how many classes you complete, you’ll feel better every time you get on your mat in the membership. 

See you soon!