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Feel Better

I truly love helping people feel better. When you come to my yoga classes, my main goal is to help you feel better. That’s why you’ll often hear me say that we all come to yoga for our own individual reasons, but we all come back for the same one: to feel better. Yoga Helps …

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Spring is the perfect time for change

It’s officially Spring! Spring: the season of transition and change. The theme in our March Live classes is growth and change as we transition from the inward reflection and hibernation of winter into the bounty and abundance of summer. Nature gives us Spring to bring those together. Spring is like your yoga practice. Yoga literally …

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Choose Calm. Choose Peace. Choose You.

Imagine what would happen if the first thing you said to yourself every morning for the next month was: I choose to be calm and at peace. If you intentionally lived from the thought, “I choose to be calm and at peace,” even if you don’t believe it yet, what would change in your life? …

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Affirmations for Growth

Think about that one thing you would love to change about yourself. It could be increasing your self-confidence, breaking a habit, or getting healthier physically. Whatever it is, believing you can change is the first step. This is where growth mindset affirmations (or affirmations for growth) can be a game-changer. Even better they can not …

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