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Earth Day Yoga Ideas

The longer you practice yoga, it becomes clear that your “yoga practice” stretches well beyond your mat and the poses. You carry what you learn with you and start to notice that you’re calmer, more compassionate, and more considerate of your actions.

In short, you become nicer – nicer to the people around you and the planet.

Earth Day is a perfect reminder of this.

Your practice makes you more considerate of your actions, so it is a great opportunity to make your practice more sustainable too. Take time to develop lasting rituals in your yoga practice that nurture a nature-conscious mindset.

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to explore this mindset, as we look for ways to give back. Start with these 5 simple ideas.

1. Start With Eco-Friendly Yoga Products.

When it’s time to buy a new yoga mat, props, or clothes, think about the impact.

Look at the labels. Organic cotton uses less water and protects the farmers (and their neighbors) from harmful chemicals. Yoga pants and props made of recycled products give a second life to single-use plastic products. And fair trade protects the people who make them.

Look for second-hand products. Both of my bolsters were bought from a studio when they moved to a new location. There are also consignment shops full of like-new yoga clothes.

And, by all means, use what you have as long as you can. Then repurpose what you can. What could that old yoga mat become? Coasters? A shelf liner? A bulletin board? A mouse pad? Get creative. I’m sure you can think of something better than a one-way trip to the landfill.

If you’re downsizing, many women’s shelters and elementary schools love gently used mats.

2. Save Energy While You Practice.

You probably don’t need overhead lights when you practice. If the sun’s up, open the curtains and face a window. If natural light is not available, light some candles or turn on a small lamp. That light, plus the light of your computer screen, might be more than enough. Plus, a dimly lit space helps eliminate the urge to judge the tidiness of your space so you can stay with your practice.

Just be warned, it’s harder to balance when it’s dark so make sure it’s light enough for you to practice safely.

Ready to take it one step further? Grab your device and your yoga mat and practice outside. It’s a wonderful way to connect deeply with the planet as you also connect deeply with yourself.

3. Attend a FREE Earth Day Yoga Class.

Because the Earth gives us everything we need, I want to give you something too. In honor of Earth Day, I’m teaching a free Feel Better Yoga Flow class where we’ll honor our connection to the beautiful planet we all call home.

Sign up for FREE Earth Day Yoga here to get the link emailed to you. Then join me in the private Zoom studio the evening before Earth Day, Thursday, April 21 at 7:00 p.m. CDT.

This is your chance to try a live-stream class for FREE!

Don’t miss this chance to celebrate your connection to our precious planet as we come together online to feel better.

4. Plant Something.

If you have space, plant a tree. If you don’t have that much space, plant a garden or a window box. Your plants will purify the air, convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, and make our planet even more beautiful. It’s a gift for the planet, your neighbors, and yourself.

Then turn your yoga mat to face your plants during your next yoga practice.

5. Turn Off Your Computer.

Finally, after you finish your online yoga classes, don’t forget to turn off your computer. All the way off. Computers in sleep mode (or with the screen saver on) are still using power. The battery still drains, unnecessarily wasting power, so turn it off and unplug it. Not only does this save power created from fossil fuels but it also increases the lifetime of your device. (Win, win!)


Happy Earth Day!

Make Earth Day every day by using these tips that will help the Earth heal and thrive while you also heal and thrive through your yoga practice. You’re (both) worth it!

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