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May 2022 Yoga Calendar

Your May 2022 Yoga Calendar is here!

This month’s theme will have you feeling calmer and more at peace.

Our May Intention is “I chose to be calm and at peace.”

Each of our livestream classes will use that intention and our monthly suggested calendar will have you feeling that way too.

As usual, we meditate on Mondays not only to give our bodies rest but also to kick off the workweek purposefully.

Tuesdays this month will have you strengthening your core.

Thursdays and Saturdays are for live classes – or a replay from the archive.

And all the other days, look for some pleasant surprises.

Here’s your May 2022 Yoga Calendar for peace and calm.

I’m loving this month’s calendar. Use it to make it easier to feel better as often as you’d like. It takes the work out of picking which class to roll your mat out for next. Plus, all of the on-demand classes on this month’s calendar are about 30 minutes or shorter so you can fit them into your busy days.

Prioritize yourself one class at a time to find peace, create joy, and feel better.

The more often you practice, the easier it gets to show up for the next class, the quicker you will notice progress, and the easier it becomes to fully show up for the rest of your life too.

You’ll build self-confidence both on and off your mat. And you’ll find peace in the present moment.

Access all of these Feel Better Yoga Flow and mindfulness classes through the membership or rent them individually.

Want to make it even more fun? Check off each class after you finish them and let me know how many you complete by the end of the month!

Make May fun, friend!

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