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Mind Body Union Yoga

Yoga literally means “to join,” “to yoke together,” or “to unite.” Yoga is about the union of mind and body, the union of breath and movement, the union of individual consciousness and universal consciousness.

That union is precisely why you feel better after class.

When you make that connection, you’re able to get out of your head. You’re able to let go of that constant thought loop. You finally feel connected to your true self rather than those repeating thoughts.

Vinyasa yoga, where poses flow seamlessly with the rhythm of your breath, is an expedited way to find that union. The next time you need to connect to your true self, try these simple yoga flows:

Cat Pose – Cow Pose

Exhale into Cat Pose
Inhale into Cow Pose

Repeat these two poses 10 times.

Child’s Pose – Table Pose – Downward Facing Dog Pose – Table Pose

Exhale into Child’s Pose
Inhale into Table Pose
Exhale into Downward Facing Dog Pose
Inhale into Table Pose

Repeat this sequence 5 times.

Downward Facing Dog Pose – Plank Pose

Exhale into Downward Facing Dog Pose
Inhale into Plank Pose

Repeat this vinyasa 5 to 10 times.


Then rest in savasana for 3 to 5 minutes so that the union you just created can fully settle into your mind and body.

For a full, guided class about this union, try the Mind-Body Union class in the membership. The class is included in the membership, in the free 7-day trial for new members, and available for rent if you haven’t joined yet.