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October Yoga Calendar

Your October Yoga Calendar is here!

When you open our October calendar, first notice our new theme for the month.

I let go of doubt to welcome trust. I trust myself.

Throughout the month you’ll practice classes designed to conquer self-doubt on your yoga mat so you can trust yourself and your decisions off the mat.

With the month’s theme, you’ll notice how it feels to trust yourself to keep going even when a class gets tough. When you give yourself that opportunity to trust yourself on your mat, it makes it easier to do it again when things in your life get tough.

Here’s your October Yoga and Meditation Calendar to help you enjoy your life today so you can build your self-confidence, find peace in the present moment, and dream bigger. All because you trust yourself enough to keep going.

As usual, we meditate on Mondays to give our bodies a rest and intentionally kick off the week.

Need a little extra accountability? You’re in the right place!

This month there are 18 chances to show up live! We kick off the month with a quick live guided meditation on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. CT and then you can roll right into our Saturday morning class. (Be sure to register for both classes because they have different zoom links.) Then, make a plan today to show up to your favorite live weekly yoga classes. You don’t even have to turn on your camera!

Use this month’s calendar to take the work out of picking which class to practice. It’s designed to make it easier for you to show up and feel better.

The more often you practice, the more you’ll notice you can trust yourself more than your self-doubt. It makes it easier to fully show up for the rest of your life too.

How often will get on your mat in October?

Set an ambitious goal. Even if you don’t quite meet it, it will get you on your mat more often. That’s how you feel better!

Remember our theme as you make this month count, friend! I let go of doubt to welcome trust. I trust myself.

See you soon!

If you’re not in the membership yet, use this link to start your free 7-day trial today. It’s the place where you will trust yourself enough to move through your self-doubt and build your self-confidence with every class. Then you’ll find peace in the present moment more often so you can dream bigger! I can help.

Thanks for reading. I’m so glad you’re here.