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Work Reimbursed Yoga

Let Your Boss Pay for Your Yoga Membership!

Did you know that you may be able to get reimbursed for your yoga membership?

Many companies, firms, and insurance plans offer wellness and fitness benefits. It may be called a gym reimbursement program, a fitness subsidy, or a wellness or wellbeing reimbursement but you (or your partner) may qualify.

It makes sense though. If you’re taking care of yourself, you’re going to be healthier and more productive at work and you’ll have fewer medical expenses and missed workdays.

A work reimbursed yoga membership would save you money AND help you feel better. It’s a win for you and for your employer!

It’s definitely worth asking to find out if you qualify for a full or partial work reimbursed yoga membership.

Recently a member switched to an annual membership when they found out they got health and wellness reimbursements through work. Now they only have to submit one membership receipt every year.

No matter who is paying, you’re the one reaping all the amazing benefits when you’re consistently showing up on your mat!

You’re worth that.

Start feeling better today. With a consistent membership practice:

  • You feel peaceful more often.
  • You trust yourself enough to move beyond your self-doubt.
  • Your self-confidence grows.
  • You become stronger and more balanced physically.

If your company wants to pay for your yoga membership, you know it’s going to help you!

Think about it.

If you were physically stronger, how would your life change?

If you learned to pause before you react, how would your work life change?

Your company wants you to practice because it helps you feel better.

There are plenty of on-demand classes that can fit into your day to help you get stronger. The quickest yoga class is only 10 minutes and the mindfulness and meditation classes can be done from your favorite chair.

Practicing just one Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga class this month (September 2022) enters you for a chance to win a private yoga session in our September Yoga and Meditation Challenge.

If you’re not in the membership yet, join now and get full access to over 70 on-demand yoga and meditation classes, unlimited Live Feel Better Yoga classes, and start the challenge. The first 7 days are free!

See you soon, friend!

P.S. If you qualify to have your yoga membership reimbursed through your employer but need a more detailed receipt, let me know. 😊