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September is National Yoga Month

Did you know that September is National Yoga Month?

In 2008 (one year after I started teaching) the National Institutes of Health designated September as National Yoga Month as a way to bring awareness to the mental and physical benefits that yoga provides.

And I’m here to celebrate and I want you to celebrate with me so I’m sharing one of my favorite yoga classes from the On-Demand membership for free. (Just enter your email address below and it will be sent right to you.)

It’s a self-confidence building class that focuses on my favorite kind of pose (twists!) because they help us in so many ways.

Active twists help with digestion and strengthen our muscles. These strong twists help our bodies feeling better physically. It’s like they move things back into place.

On the other hand, slower twists help us relax. They give us space to notice what we’re feeling in the present moment. These kinds of slower, gentle twists help calm the nervous system and quiet the mind.

Try this yoga class today to conquer some of your self-doubt and build your self-confidence.

Come back to it anytime you need to feel better.

Going along with our yoga celebration to conquer self-doubt, try this journal prompt right after you finish the class:

💙💛Create a list of 10 compliments to give yourself.💛💙

If you get stuck, finish your list with some of the compliments you’ve received in the past that meant a lot to you.

Write them down right after you finish class compounds the feel good feelings. Plus, you can come back to your list of compliments anytime you’re feeling down.

Thanks again for being here and Happy National Yoga Month to you, dear yogi!