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Spring is the perfect time for change

It’s officially Spring!

Spring: the season of transition and change. The theme in our March Live classes is growth and change as we transition from the inward reflection and hibernation of winter into the bounty and abundance of summer. Nature gives us Spring to bring those together.

Spring is like your yoga practice.

Yoga literally means “to join,” “to yoke together,” or “to unite.” Yoga is about the union of mind and body, the union of breath and movement, the union of individual consciousness and universal consciousness.

That union is precisely why you feel better after class.

When you make that connection, you’re able to get out of your head. You’re able to let go of that constant thought loop. You finally feel connected to your true self rather than those repeating thoughts.

Celebrate Spring and Celebrate Change

To celebrate Spring’s arrival, show up for a Live class this week. You have 5 to pick from: Feel Better Yoga Flow this morning, Thursday morning, Thursday evening, and Saturday morning, plus the pop-up Yin Yoga class this Sunday!

To kick off this seasonal transition, pull out your journal and use these prompts this week:

  • How do I want to grow this season?
  • What habits do I need to create to make this change happen?
  • How will I feel as I evolve into my future self?

Change is rarely easy. As humans we tend to resist it so how can you set yourself up for success?

Pop into the membership for some of the 20-minute on-demand classes to stay on track during this season of growth.

Not a member yet?

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I’m happy to schedule a zoom to talk about the membership if you have questions.⁠

This is your chance to change your trajectory.

Thank you for reading. I’m so glad you’re here.