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Back From Burnt Out

I’m back from feeling burnt out, and I must admit, I feel so much better.

I bought a house last November—a house that we didn’t move into until a little over a month ago. As you can guess, since it took us 6 months to move, it needed a lot of work, which took a lot out of me. Okay, not just a lot: I was burnt out!

The house still needs work. But now that we’re moved in, (mostly) unpacked, and down to just one room that needs to be tackled, it was time to shift my focus from constantly “doing” everything and back onto “being” me.

Think: eating at home, daily walks followed by time in the sauna, longer yoga sessions, drinking my greens outside, meditating every day – you know: the things that make me feel better again. I started adding these things back into my day on June 1 as my way of living this month’s intention!

And, of course, I must admit. I feel so much better!

And the biggest surprise: adding all these things has helped me be more productive and feel like I have more time.

So, it’s time to think about your life and how it feels right now. Use this journal prompt to make it easier:

What do I need to add to my life to help me feel better?

As your yoga teacher, you know this is where I’m going to remind you that adding more yoga and meditation into your life will help you feel better.

There are dozens of classes in the membership under 20 minutes. Whether you’re looking for something to make you stronger or help you slow down and appreciate who you are, there’s something waiting to help you feel better. And I’m always just a message away.

If you work best when you’re working toward something “big,” check out our next retreat. It’s far enough away to give you time to build a more consistent yoga practice (which is not a prerequisite, but it does feel great!) but soon enough to get excited about it.

The name says it all: the Find Your Bliss in Bonaire is the perfect antidote to burnout.

I can’t wait to see you!


P.S. You don’t have to wait until you’re burnt out to start feeling better. Both the retreat and the membership are designed to help you feel better.