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Choose Calm. Choose Peace. Choose You.

Imagine what would happen if the first thing you said to yourself every morning for the next month was: I choose to be calm and at peace.

If you intentionally lived from the thought, “I choose to be calm and at peace,” even if you don’t believe it yet, what would change in your life?

Decisions made from a place of calm (or a sense of peace) have the ability to change your world.

Choosing to care for yourself, to fill your cup first, is good for you. Doing those things that make you feel better (like pausing for a few deep breaths, flowing for 20 minutes of yoga, relaxing in a bath, sticking to a morning routine, drinking plenty of water, or making time to meditate) create that sense of calm within you. When you’re calm, your family and friends benefit. They feel calmer around you so you change their worlds too.

When you’re calm, it’s good for you and it’s good for the world.

What happens when you choose to move from that place of calm? What happens when people notice that you’re glowing from within?

You nail the interview. You get the promotions. People want you to work with them. People what to work for you.

People naturally want to be around you.

Relationships are more fun. Friends are excited to see you. People feel better just being around you.

And the best part? It happens without you trying to impress anyone else. It happens because you took care of yourself first!

These things happen because you are calm.

It’s because you take that time to help yourself feel better that other people are drawn to you.

You know that feeling of contentment you get right before you open your eyes after a guided meditation or at the end of a yoga class? Or that whole-body sigh that keeps you coming back to your mat? That’s where your change begins!

You can always access that sense of peace and calm with the classes in the Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga membership.

Being a member is not just about the physical experience. It’s about that emotional release. It’s about gaining mental clarity. It’s about accessing your higher self – that better, truer version of you.

Rediscover that calmer, more peaceful version of yourself that is waiting to be invited back.

When you access that authentic version of yourself, your whole world changes.

It is possible! Get started today with a free 7-day trial of the membership. That calmer version of yourself is counting on you to take action now. Don’t wait.

In fact, this month our intention is I choose to be calm and at peace and you do not want to miss it!

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