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National Yoga Month

This month is National Yoga Month, so I want you to take a moment to remember all the great things your yoga practice gives you.

When you show up, how do you feel?

We all show up to yoga for our own individual reason. What is yours?

But we all come back to yoga for the same reason: to feel better.

When you show up, you feel better mentally and physically!

You can feel better mentally for many reasons.

In each of our classes, you take time to be proud of yourself for simply showing up and prioritizing your own health and well-being. You allow yourself a chance to get out of your normal thought spirals and patterns and instead stay in the present moment during your practice. You trust yourself and your body when you go deeper into a pose. You even calm your nerves when you tune into your breath.

You also feel better physically!

In each class, you build strength when you challenge your muscles. You increase your stamina when we flow through vinyasas together. You feel liberated by the twists that calm your nervous system and stretch your muscles. Plus, you become more balanced in your body.

Our National Yoga Month Challenge

To celebrate National Yoga Month, we’re having a Yoga and Meditation Challenge. It is here to help you reap those benefits. The challenge is designed so you feel them more often, to inspire you to show up for yourself every day, and ultimately feel better at the end of the month than when it started.

Join to Get Back on Your Mat Today

Let’s take this idea a step further. Pull out your journal (or give yourself time to contemplate) and spend time with this idea:

How has yoga changed my life? When I show up and practice, what changes?

This month the theme in the membership is “I am worthy of good things.

Because you are worthy of good things! Things like trusting yourself (despite self-doubt), building your self-confidence, and finding peace in the present moment through your yoga practice. These are the tenets of our membership. You’ll consistently work on them, so you can feel better and dream bigger.

You are worthy of that!

Join the membership today and get your first 7 days completely free.

Don’t put it off. Start the challenge today so you can feel better AND get a chance to win a Private Yoga session with me where we work specifically on your goals.

You are worthy of good things, friend!


Thanks for reading. I’m so glad you’re here.