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Yoga Changed My Life

Since Spring is the season of change, I want you to know how yoga changed my life.

Before I started yoga my life was “fine.” In fact, from the outside, many people thought I had the perfect life, and it was pretty great BUT I was still always asking myself, “Is this it? Is this all there is?”

Maybe you can relate.

Once I started practicing yoga, I started living in the present moment more often. I still looked for what was next (the next trip, the next goal, etc.) but I could also enjoy the here and now more. I savored the ice cream cones and literally stopped to smell the flowers.

Yoga Changed My Life

Yoga helped me enjoy the present moment AND dream bigger.

Without yoga, I never would have dared to sell everything we owned in our “perfect small town” and quit our good jobs to go live on a sailboat. But we did! And without yoga in my life, that wouldn’t have happened because I would not have been confident enough to take the first step.

You see, when I describe myself, I don’t use words like “risk-taker” or “adventurous.” Yet, I lived on a sailboat for a year, I moved to Mexico without speaking Spanish, I’ve been a homeschool mom.

None of those things are without risk but living more in the present moment made me realize that I can trust myself and I can do hard things.

And you can too!

Are you ready to go from wondering “Is this it?” to going after your big, wild dreams?

We can make it happen. Together.

Imagine how amazing that will be.⁠⁠

Yoga changed my life and it can change yours too.

In fact, use that as your journaling/contemplation prompt today. Start with this question:

How amazing would it be if I trusted myself to dream big dreams and go after them?


I’ve created a style of yoga called Feel Better Yoga so you can make this happen from your phone or laptop – from anywhere in the world with wifi – on your own schedule.⁠

In this membership, you will transform into the person you want to be by changing your life for the better and going after your dreams.⁠

Your future bigger self is on the way!

Start your annual membership with a free trial today!⁠ You’ll feel a sense of deep comfort as you finally start to live your life on purpose.⁠

See you soon!



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