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Back to a Healthier Routine

Are you ready to get back to your healthier routine and back on your yoga mat?

If getting healthier (physically or mentally) is a goal for you, join me in the membership.

You can get started today with one of the 4 live classes or jump in the library for any of the featured on-demand library classes this week. No matter which class you pick, you’ll feel so much better by the time you finish.

No dream, goal, or aspiration is too big when you prioritize your health and well-being.

Ready to flow into the new year with ease but not in the membership yet?

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⁠You get the tools to help you feel better anytime you want:

  • immediate access to 90+ short, on-demand yoga and meditation classes,
  • unlimited weekly Live Feel Better Yoga classes (and the replays),
  • a monthly Live Meditation class,
  • a suggested monthly calendar, and
  • peace of mind!  ⁠

Join the Annual plan and feel better for a whole year! You get a full year for the price of only 11 months!

The first 7 days are free.

⁠This is your chance to get healthy on your own time, friend!⁠

Happy first week of a healthier new you as you improve your mental health, boost your physical health, and gain strength and flexibility!

Peace and love,


P.S. Don’t wait to start your goals! Roll out your mat in the membership today.