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Feel Better

I truly love helping people feel better.

When you come to my yoga classes, my main goal is to help you feel better. That’s why you’ll often hear me say that we all come to yoga for our own individual reasons, but we all come back for the same one: to feel better.

Yoga Helps

Yoga helps you get out of your head, whether that’s from people pleasing, self-doubt, anxious thoughts, or chronic busyness. This style of yoga can help.

The Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga membership classes are designed to move you through those things so you can feel the present moment (if for just fleeting moments at a time) because that’s the key to feeling even better than you do right now.

When You Feel Better

When you feel better on your yoga mat, you can then do better in your life after class.

You look at things from a different point of view.

You have a new focus.

You’re relaxed.

They Feel Better

And when you feel better guess what happens to the people around you? They notice! And it’s almost like you are giving them permission to feel also better.

Think about that.

When you feel good, your friends and coworkers notice and can feel better too. When they feel a little better, their friends and coworkers can feel better too. It’s a ripple of happiness and you’re standing at the center of it! How amazing!

It’s like our intention this month, great things are achieved through small steps, because getting on your mat for a few minutes today might seem like a small step until you think about that ripple effect that you could begin.

This Helps Too

Journaling is another small step that adds up to help us feel better so today let’s journal about this:

What can I do on a daily basis that will help me get to where I’d like to be in one year?

Create the person you want to become by taking that first step today.

Take The First Step

The tools are here to help you take those small (but mighty) steps! It’s time to stop waiting.

Not a member yet? Take your well-being into your own hands. With the membership, you get instant access to feel better today. And that makes it easier to fully show up for the rest of your life too.

Join now and get the first 7 days free!

Plus, members get a discount on the upcoming retreat and private classes when you’re ready to go even deeper!

Take that first step today.

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Thanks for reading. I’m so glad you are here.