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It’s Time to Feel Better

Does it ever feel like everyone else has time to do the things that make them happier and feel better, but you never do?

You’re constantly busy!

Your schedule is full – but full of things for everyone else: finish the project, drive the carpool, schedule the appointments, do the volunteer work, bring the snacks…

A consistent yoga and mindfulness practice will help!

But you’re already busy.

How can you find time to get to a yoga class consistently?

It requires some planning (which you’re already good at!) and a shift in your mindset.

Getting on your mat gives you more time, not less!

It refocuses your attention, so you find solutions quicker.

It literally turns you upside-down, giving you a new perspective on the problem you’re facing. Then you find a creative solution!

Your yoga practice gives you time for yourself, which creates peace of mind and ease in your body. Then you show better for everything else in your life.

Still think you’re too busy?

Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga has options to meet you where you are.

Pressed for time? Listen to a guided meditation between appointments or roll out your mat while the rest of your family is sleeping. Classes in the Feel Better Yoga on-demand library are as quick as just 10 minutes.

Want to practice when it’s convenient? Check out the video-on-demand library for a short class or to be transported to the beach or catch the latest Live class in the archive. There are over 200 to choose from. Our suggested monthly calendars make it even easier because you don’t even have to filter through the classes. Just click and flow!

Want to practice in real-time? When you desire accountability and community, put it in your calendar to show up live! There are 3 live-streamed classes every week.

I, literally, meet you whenever and wherever you are available.

Your future peacefully confident self is inevitable with a consistent Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga practice.

Every time you show up, your mind will find ease and become more peaceful.

Start with the person on the mat. When your cup is overflowing, then it will be easier (and more enjoyable) to help others.

Take a moment. Relax your jaw. Let your shoulders roll back.

You’re ready!

Don’t wait another minute to find that peace and ease you desire.

Sign up now and take that first class today.

You’re worth it.

You’re worth this and so much more.