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Avoid Quitter’s Day

Did you know that January 19th is statistically the day most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions? Sadly, this day is known as Quitter’s Day. Don’t let it get you though!

Did you make a resolution or set a new goal for this year? Let me help you keep it. Let me be your accountability partner. Let me be your motivator.

Quiet That Inner Critic

If you’re seeking peace, strength, or flexibility, yoga will help. Membership classes are purposefully designed to quiet that inner critic (you know the one with the endless To-Do list and all those nitpicky comments) so you can gain clarity and move toward a better version of yourself – no matter what the next goal is.

Stay Motivated

The membership is designed to keep you motivated even if “being better at yoga” isn’t your goal. The way the membership classes are structured helps you stay focused on the end goal: being the best version of yourself every day.

Looking for the accountability of a community and a teacher watching you? Attend up to three Live classes every week. We always take at least 5 minutes to check in on each other before and after class.

Want to mix up your on-demand practice? Use the suggested monthly calendar. It’s especially helpful on those days when you want to be surprised by what comes next just like in a Live class. Plus, there’s a built-in “rest day” with a meditation practice listed instead of physical yoga classes every week.

Don’t be a quitter!

Roll out your mat today to refocus your future.

Keep your mind wrapped around your future success with your journaling practice too. Write this down:

How would I feel if I nurtured my body, mind, and soul with a consistent yoga practice? How would I feel in one year? What would change? Who would I become?

Now give yourself time to think and write about it.

You know that you always feel better after your yoga practice so how would you feel if you committed to being consistent this year?

Write it down, save it, and read it often.

Welcome to the day you say, “no!” to joining the Quitters Club!

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