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Yoga for High Achievers

Raise your hand if you’re a high achiever. Or if you’re constantly making (and checking off) To Do lists. Or if you’ve ever called yourself a perfectionist. Or you stay up late doing “just one more thing.” Or you are afraid of disappointing people so you over-volunteer.

If so, I’ve got the perfect thing for you!

This yoga membership is all about helping high achievers, like you, find peace one yoga class or meditation session at a time.

Each class is intentionally designed to conquer self-doubt, build self-confidence, and create joy so you can find peace.

Conquer Self-Doubt

Everyone experiences self-doubt sometimes. Lawyers, doctors, artists! It happens to the best of us. That voice inside your head, your inner critic, creates self-doubt simply by asking questions like, “how did I ever think this was a good idea?” or saying things like, “I’m not qualified to do this,” but the quickest way to overcome this self-sabotage is to notice the fear and ask if it’s true.

The first half of most of our classes is focused on conquering self-doubt by moving through strong poses. You’ll surprise yourself how much longer you can stay in Warrior II or how you can move through one more vinyasa in class than on your own! It’s easier to keep going when you don’t give your Inner Critic space to object.

Practicing the harder aspects of yoga helps high achievers burn through self-doubt.

It helps you believe that you can do it off the mat as well.

Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence comes when we prove to ourselves that we can do something. Once you move past that self-doubt, then you can take action. Imperfect action is important here though. The first time you do something, it’s probably not going to be perfect. Like doing your job, managing your kid’s schedules, or keeping a sourdough started alive, you improve with practice, but that practice is key.

You build self-confidence on your yoga mat as you move into the balancing poses.

Tree Pose is the perfect example. Your first Tree Pose wasn’t perfect. Your form gets better and you can stay in longer, the more you practice.

Your self-confidence grows the more time you put into it but you’ll never perfect it. Some days you might fall out multiple times, but rather than getting frustrated like those first few months, you’ll keep trying because you’re confident that you can do it.

Create Joy

As you tame your self-doubt and grow your confidence, you will notice a mental shift. You might feel lighter or little annoyances like wearing a mask won’t upset you as much.

You might even notice yourself smiling more.

As we move toward the end of our yoga class, you’ll spend time in supine twists. Twists naturally quiet the nervous system, which provides the perfect opportunity to create joy. You hold these simple twists longer to, ironically, give your mind a chance to unwind. As your breathing returns to your resting rate, you’ll release tension and feel happier.

Find Peace

Inner peace can be fleeting. In fact, we don’t usually notice when our mind is at peace. It’s not until we’re stressed out again that we realize, “oh, there it was!” Then we chase after it and try to get find it again. The problem is that when we chase it, it always appears just out of reach. We have to stop striving.

We have to stop and notice the present moment because that’s where bliss and peace reside, not in the past or future. Right now.

We close each class with a short savasana. When you allow your muscles to relax and your body to be still, you get a chance to heal.

This is when we find those moments of peace.

Those moments when the past doesn’t haunt us and our To Do lists don’t taunt us. Even if the peace comes only for a few moments at a time, it’s worth it.

You’re worth it.

Since you’ve made it this far, I know this membership is for you.You’re ready to find peace. I can help.

Don’t wait to find peace. Start today!

Your first week is on me.