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May 2024 Yoga Calendar

Your May Suggested Yoga Calendar is HERE! This month, it’s filled with classes designed to help you feel more peaceful! Wow! Is it already almost May?!? With getting the new house ready and planning the Loft event, this month has been on my radar for months, but it still doesn’t seem like it should be …

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Ready to Feel Better?

Ready to kickstart your weekend on a positive note? Are You Ready to Feel Better? is here so you can feel better in just 15 minutes. You’ll get your body moving and grooving to release whatever’s been weighing you down. Whether it’s stress, tension, or the need to recharge, this class will help you let …

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Yoga After Sitting All Day

Rejuvenate Your Body with “Yoga After Sitting All Day” – This Week’s Featured Class Today’s the day to shake off the stiffness that comes with prolonged sitting! It’s time for our featured class of the week: “Yoga After Sitting All Day.” You know the feeling – after hours spent sitting at a desk, in a …

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