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The High Achiever Paradox

I had never heard the term “The High Achiever Paradox” before a couple weeks ago but you probably already know what it means.⁠ It’s the paradox that high achieving individuals feel stuck, unhappy, or unable to truly enjoy their successes.

First, Who is a High Achiever?

It’s probably you.

You’ve done all the things: you got the grades, you have the job, you volunteer for everything, you drive the carpool, you bring the snacks, you plan the get togethers, you’re at your desk for more hours than you’re paid for. In short, you often put other people’s needs and goals above your own while you’re checking off those boxes on your To-Do List.

You do everything and you do it well!⁠

Seriously, you do it all. You collect the trophies, cash the big paychecks, work on your vacations. You are busy all the time but then you never have time for yourself.⁠

How can this be it?⁠

You got this far (woohoo) because you did all the things well but how do you feel right now? You want some down time. You long for time just for you. What you need is a reset.

It’s time to take time for yourself.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, and you can’t soar if you clip your own wings.⁠

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go on a tech-free vacation for a week. (Wouldn’t that be interesting though?) Just take time for yourself in a deliberate way today. How long have you spent scrolling? Sure, it distracted you, but has it helped you feel refreshed?⁠

It’s time to be deliberate during your precious free time so you can appreciate all you’ve already achieved. Try this:

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Hold it in for the count of five.
  • Slowly breath out through your nose.
  • Hold it out for the count of five.
  • Do it another time.

It feels nice to mindfully take time for yourself and that didn’t even take a minute! You can sneak this little breathwork throughout your day to recenter yourself. Want to make it even better? Try it with your eyes closed.

Make Your Breaks a Priority

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