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Yoga After Sitting All Day

Rejuvenate Your Body with “Yoga After Sitting All Day” – This Week’s Featured Class Today’s the day to shake off the stiffness that comes with prolonged sitting! It’s time for our featured class of the week: “Yoga After Sitting All Day.” You know the feeling – after hours spent sitting at a desk, in a …

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Why Yoga Matters in the Spring: Part 2 🌱

Last week, we discussed how Spring = Renewal and Rejuvenation. Like Spring’s new beginnings and fresh starts, yoga also helps renew your mind so you can release stagnant energy and make room for new growth. Spring Growth With spring blooming around us, I wanted to continue that chat about how yoga is connected to this …

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Strong, Stable Knees

Knee pain and discomfort affects a lot of us. In fact, about 25% of adults have some form of limitation in terms of mobility or function that impacts quality of life. Yoga can help by strengthening and stretching the major muscles around the knee. The yoga sequence below works the quadriceps for knee extension, hamstrings …

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Yoga Creates Mental Flexibility

It’s no secret that practicing yoga increases the flexibility in our bodies, but another great freedom yoga gives us is that can increase the flexibility of our minds as well. Just as yoga helps our bodies move easier and in new ways, it helps our minds look at situations in new ways too and this …

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