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Ready to Feel Better?

Ready to kickstart your weekend on a positive note? Are You Ready to Feel Better? is here so you can feel better in just 15 minutes. You’ll get your body moving and grooving to release whatever’s been weighing you down. Whether it’s stress, tension, or the need to recharge, this class will help you let …

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Yoga After Sitting All Day

Rejuvenate Your Body with “Yoga After Sitting All Day” – This Week’s Featured Class Today’s the day to shake off the stiffness that comes with prolonged sitting! It’s time for our featured class of the week: “Yoga After Sitting All Day.” You know the feeling – after hours spent sitting at a desk, in a …

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Why Yoga Matters in the Spring: Part 2 🌱

Last week, we discussed how Spring = Renewal and Rejuvenation. Like Spring’s new beginnings and fresh starts, yoga also helps renew your mind so you can release stagnant energy and make room for new growth. Spring Growth With spring blooming around us, I wanted to continue that chat about how yoga is connected to this …

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Meet the Members: Say Hi to Carrie!

To strengthen our yoga community, once a month I catch up with a different member so you can get to know each other better. This month I was lucky enough to talk with Carrie!⁠ ☀️ In a few words, tell me who you are: I’m Carrie, a mom, wife, photographer, and lover of rescue cats, …

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Why Yoga Matters in the Spring: Part 1

Happy First Day of Spring! 🌱 Although it feels like Winter has settled back in where I am, today is the first day of Spring!! With longer days slowly creeping back, I wanted to chat about something that’s been on my mind lately: yoga and its connection to this rejuvenating season. Spring Clean Your Practice …

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March 2024 Yoga Calendar

March has arrived, and with it comes the promise of renewal and growth. For many, it’s a month marked by the changing seasons and the blossoming of new beginnings. Personally, it holds an even more special significance as it’s my birthday month. This March, your suggested class calendar is all about self-growth and I’ve also …

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