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October 2023 Yoga Calendar

Happy October! It’s a new month, and with that brings your new October Yoga Calendar. This month, our intention is “I let go of doubt to welcome trust. I trust myself.” This powerful theme is designed to help you shed doubt, embrace trust, and nurture your self-confidence as you flow through our suggested class calendar. …

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September 2023 Yoga Calendar

Ready to embark on a month of mindful movement and self-discovery? Your September Yoga Calendar is here to guide you through an enriching journey of yoga and meditation. This month’s calendar revolves around our fresh intention: I am worthy of good things. This theme is designed to help you embrace your self-worth and invite positivity …

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August 2023 Yoga Calendar

Your August 2023 Yoga Calendar is here! Happy August! Your August calendar of suggested classes has arrived. It’s designed around our new intention (All is well right here right now) to help you remember, even during this busy month, that in the present moment, you are doing well. When you remind yourself that you always feel …

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July 2023 Yoga Calendar

Happy (almost) July! Your July 2023 Yoga Calendar is here! Did you know that July is my favorite month? Therefore, I’ve put extra love into your July yoga calendar. It’s designed around our new intention (I am proud of myself!) so you can feel delighted that you showed up for yourself during this busy month. …

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June Yoga Calendar

Happy (almost) June! Your June yoga calendar is here, and it’s designed to bring peace and calm into your life. June in the membership is all about moving forward – starting with our intention: Great things are achieved through small steps. When you remind yourself that taking deliberate steps toward your goal is more sustainable, …

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Dream Bigger Yoga Retreat

Imagine spending 6 days on a yoga retreat totally focusing on you. Your needs. Your well-being. Your dreams. Imagine returning home to your loved ones feeling rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Now take a deep breath and smile because your chance is here! The Dream Bigger Yoga Retreat Stacey Stufflebeam Yoga is going on our first …

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